Certified Virtual Convener Resources

This certification is a 3-part interactive workshop presented by and Story & Spirit. Our professional facilitators have decades of experience designing effective and engaging virtual convenings, holding dynamic and vulnerable space with groups from 6 to 6,000, and creating powerful collaborations even when you can't be face-to-face. 

The resources below help you develop your convening strategy, enhance your facilitation skills, and unleash the power of virtual platforms to achieve your convening goals.



Virtual Convening Strategy

Walking through the 12 convening objectives and how you can adjust your convening to better achieve these objectives online.

VIDEO : Virtual Convening Strategy - Awareness (9 min)
VIDEO : Virtual Convening Strategy - Alignment (10 min)
VIDEO : Virtual Convening Strategy - Action (8 min)
PDF : Your Convening Foundation Introduction
PDF : Your Convening Foundation Worksheet

Virtual Convening Facilitation

A series of videos with Michael Kass and Avary Kent walk through how to make the most of your facilitation practices online. 

VIDEO : Facilitation - Energy & Flow (15 min)
VIDEO : Facilitation - Time Management (9 min)
VIDEO : Facilitation - Engagement vs. Interaction (7 min)
VIDEO : Facilitation - On Camera Presence (8 min)

Virtual Convening Design & Implementation

Join Michael Kass, Heather Mason, and Avary Kent with a walkthrough of the leading online conference platforms that go beyond Zoom video calls.  We review Airmeet, Hopin, Mozilla Hubs, Maestro Conference, Pathable, and Remo.

VIDEO : Quick-Reference Guide - Conference Systems (21 min)
PDF : Quick-Reference Guide - Conference Systems PDF
PNG : Time-Zone Tool from Gerry Higgens of SEWF
PDF : Tool Selection Matrix
PDF : Hopin Sales PDF Deck