Virtual Convening Skills Lab

The Virtual Convening Skills Lab is a 3-part interactive workshop presented by Our professional facilitators have decades of experience designing effective and engaging virtual convenings, holding dynamic and vulnerable space with groups from 6 to 6,000; and creating powerful collaborations even when you can't be face-to-face. 

Let us help you develop your Convening Strategy, select the right Tools and Platforms for your virtual convenings, and refine your Virtual Facilitation Skills.


VIRTUAL CONVENING STRATEGY : April 3rd 9-noon Pacific (noon-3pm Eastern, 5-8pm CET)

  • In this call, you will learn about the opportunities and limitations presented by virtual convening.
  • We will review the "convening power" framework co-developed with TCC Group so that you can understand how to best engage your community.
  • You will also gain an understanding of our "purpose-first" convening framework so that you can keep your impact and objective as a guide in determining the right virtual strategy to meet the needs of your community and organization.
  • You'll receive worksheets to help guide you and your team through the decision-making process and a road map of the tools that, cadence, and resources you'll need to build a robust virtual convening strategy.

VIRTUAL FACILITATION : April 10th 9-noon Pacific (noon-3pm Eastern, 5-8pm CET)

In this skills lab, you'll learn the techniques to improve virtual facilitation including:

  • Setting the right tone and unlocking energy from your community
  • Adapting agendas and face-to-face session formats for online participants
  • Technical tips and tricks so that you can always show up exactly as you want to
  • Keys to time management and avoiding 'chop'

VIRTUAL CONVENING TOOLS & PLATFORMS : April 17th 9-noon Pacific (noon-3pm Eastern, 5-8pm CET)

Let us do the research for you on which tools and platforms will be the best fit for your convening strategy.

  • In this Skills Lab, you'll gain an understanding of the landscape of virtual convening tools to support your convening strategy.
  • We will share quick decision cards to help you compare tools easily.
  • We will also share loom video demos of the top tools we recommend.
  • Learn tips and tricks to improve the quality of your virtual convenings.



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