Certified Virtual Convener Resources

This certification is a 3-part interactive workshop presented by and Story & Spirit. Our professional facilitators have decades of experience designing effective and engaging virtual convenings, holding dynamic and vulnerable space with groups from 6 to 6,000, and creating powerful collaborations even when you can't be face-to-face. 

The resources below help you develop your convening strategy, enhance your facilitation skills, and unleash the power of virtual platforms to achieve your convening goals.



Design & Implementation

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Recording (password: 9P%12v$=)


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Guide to Story Circles
Recording (password: 4R!mR778)

Purpose-First Framework

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

12 Objectives Cards
Convening Foundation Worksheet
Recording (password: 6E+*V860)

Office Hours

One of the ways we're responding to support our community during this time of intense change and uncertainty is with office hours. Come chat with a virtual convening expert about anything from translating your in-person strategy to online interaction to designing for interactivity, to how to support virtual events behind the scenes.

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Virtual Convening Strategy

Walking through the 12 convening objectives and how you can adjust your convening to better achieve these objectives online.

VIDEO : Virtual Convening Strategy - Awareness (9 min)
VIDEO : Virtual Convening Strategy - Alignment (10 min)
VIDEO : Virtual Convening Strategy - Action (8 min)
PDF : Your Convening Foundation Introduction
PDF : Your Convening Foundation Worksheet

Virtual Convening Facilitation

A series of videos with Michael Kass and Avary Kent walk through how to make the most of your facilitation practices online. 

VIDEO : Facilitation - Energy & Flow (15 min)
VIDEO : Facilitation - Time Management (9 min)
VIDEO : Facilitation - Engagement vs. Interaction (7 min)
VIDEO : Facilitation - On Camera Presence (8 min)

Virtual Convening Design & Implementation

Join Michael Kass, Heather Mason, and Avary Kent with a walkthrough of the leading online conference platforms that go beyond Zoom video calls.  We review Airmeet, Hopin, Mozilla Hubs, Maestro Conference, Pathable, and Remo.

VIDEO : Quick-Reference Guide - Conference Systems (21 min)
PDF : Quick-Reference Guide - Conference Systems PDF
PNG : Time-Zone Tool from Gerry Higgens of SEWF
PDF : Tool Selection Matrix
PDF : Hopin Sales PDF Deck