Trailblazers have a unique role in this ecosystem, stepping up to a whole new level of field building and collective exchange.

Our Trailblazers are innovators who inspire the global movement of conveners tackling the world’s biggest challenges. They drive the field forward. Other conveners seek out these Trailblazers for their thought leadership, innovation and excellence in using the power of convening to advance positive change.

Meet Our Trailblazers

As an influential member of the impact convening community, our Trailblazers receive a high level of dedicated support.

Conveners.org provides these elevated leaders with more intensive resources. Our Trailblazers participate in exclusive networking events, join monthly peer-learning conversations, explore systems-level collective impact projects and access special benefits that add value to our sector as well as their organization’s convening goals.

If you are hosting highly curated convenings, let’s talk!

To learn more about our Trailblazing Membership and explore how your organization can get involved, reach out to Stephanie Brady, our Chief Relationship Officer.

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This has been powerful in shifting convening paradigms globally - and has highlighted how important it is for me to have a space where I can really connect and collaborate with my top-tier convening peers. We are excited to be included.

Topher Wilkins, CEO - Opportunity Collaboration

Being a Conveners.org Trailblazer is an incredible opportunity to connect on everything from checking in on a particular speaker, to scheduling our event dates, to collaborating on bigger initiatives to stay at the leading edge of best-in-class convening.

Sarah Borgman, Director - Skoll Community & Convenings