Job Description: Chief Relationship Officer

ABOUT CONVENERS.ORG believes in the transformative power that convening, when done right, has to positively change the world. We are a nonprofit organization that helps get the right people in the right rooms having the right conversations to change the world. Our programs include:


  • Convening the Conveners is a peer-learning network for conference and event organizers in the social impact space. Our members come together to solve problems, share best practices, learn, experiment, and most importantly, connect.
  • Accelerating the Accelerators plays a similar role for social impact-focused incubators and accelerators.
  • Convening Circles is a training and support model for conveners to drive authentic action in their communities between convenings.
  • Advisory Services is how we support and build capacity for participant-driven experience design and facilitation for mission-aligned foundations and corporate partners around the world.


We’re a small and mighty, completely distributed team currently living in DC, SF, Boulder and Guatemala City, and we truly live our values:


  • We put health and family first - With very rare exceptions, we work 40 hour weeks. Our schedules are flexible, we have systems in place to help each other cope with crises small and large; we choose the holidays that are meaningful to us and actually unplug when we take time off. 
  • We practice compassionate transparency - From company finances to family milestones, our team is exceptionally open. We have boundaries, but they are set very mindfully. 
  • Diversity makes us stronger - This is not lip service. We actively seek out and engage people with different experiences, perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds than our own. Our work, and our lives, are better for it. 
  • We don’t hand out fish -  We are committed to a capacity-building approach in all our work. Yes, it’s harder, more complex, and usually takes longer. It’s also worth it. 



Our Chief Relationship Officer (CRO) is, in many ways, the “face” of; interacting with our community at convenings, in sessions they facilitate, via video calls and email. The CRO will offer the first impression to many of our future members and customers about who we are and what we have to offer.  We seek a charismatic and seasoned leader, with a growth mindset, who will both focus and amplify the impact of the programs we run and the conveners we serve through them. This person can be based anywhere in the United States, so long as it's convenient to an international airport.  


Our CRO will work closely with and report to the Chief Service Officer (CSO) to build strategy, drive business development, deliver value to both members and clients, build on the success of existing programs, and help to shape the future direction of the organization.   Our organization has a history of embracing co-leadership between our co-founders and we are looking for a candidate who is excited about the opportunity to work in deep collaboration with a small high-performing team.


Attributes of an awesome CRO include:

  • Knowledge of, and a robust, network within the impact investing and social enterprise space, and other initiatives committed to social and environmental good
  • Excitement for frequent travel (90+ days/year), event participation, and convening facilitation. Conferences are energizing, not draining, for you
  • A genuine knack (and love) for establishing near-instantaneous meaningful connections wherever you go
  • Years of business development experience driving $100K-$500K contracts for consulting and advisory services
  • Experience in designing thoughtful convenings and facilitating group sessions
  • Exceptional verbal/written communication and presentation skills. 


Specific responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with a variety of stakeholder groups across the social impact ecosystem; including conveners, foundations, investors, academic institutions, corporations, government, etc.
  • Participating in convenings around the world through experience design and facilitation with a focus on building connections that can drive new advisory services contracts and source new members
  • Spearheading recruitment and management of the Trailblazers membership tier, and delivering membership services to that group, with support from the team
    • Our Trailblazers are highly-curated conveners committed to deep collaboration and include; Skoll World Forum, Opportunity Collaboration, Mavericks 1000, Gratitude Railroad, and others. 
    • This community is high-touch and high-value, with 1 in-person convening per year. 
    • Our CRO will also lead the delivery of convening analytics, “re-convene” and “secret shopper” services to this community.  
  • Identifying and pursuing major gifts and grant opportunities
  • Exploring and defining potential strategic partnerships for - both to advance our own impact goals and as benefits to our members 
  • Working with a variety of contractors and partners to create appropriate marketing and communications assets to further member and partner goals
  • Contributing to the thought leadership efforts of the organization through periodic blog posts, whitepapers, etc.
  • Working in partnership with the CSO to establish organizational strategy, priorities, and goals, as well as budgetary and major hiring/contract decisions 



This is a full-time exempt employee position. Compensation is between $90,000-$105,000 commensurate with experience with the potential for performance-related bonuses.



  • Please email subject line: CRO - [Your Name]
  • Attach a recent resume
  • Include a brief cover letter. In your letter, please:
    • Please share a story about a time you facilitated a transformative process with a group.
    • What are three keys to maintaining high-trust reciprocal relationships?
    • Please describe your process for fundraising and business development.



  • We’ll be accepting applications and conducting interviews on a rolling basis through February 15. 
  • Anticipated start date of April 6. is an equal opportunity employer striving to create a diverse workforce. We are seeking a diverse candidate pool and welcome candidates from a wide range of backgrounds.