We train your team to design effective convenings. 

Our event design trainings help your team plan convenings that align with your goals without exhausting staff time, money, and resources. We meet your team where they are to build their convening capacity, offering customized support with event experience design, agenda development, staff facilitation training, and onsite facilitation. Our methodology encourages:

Trust Building

Peer Learning


Consensus Building


Leadership Development


Every convening is unique, and so is every team designing one. We tailor our capacity building engagements to meet an organization’s unique needs and convening objectives. While prices depend on the scope of the particular engagement, our services generally fall into three tiers:


Light Touch : Agenda Review

Sometimes you just need another set of eyes. We'll take a look at the agenda you've designed and offer feedback and suggestions on how the timing, flow, session format & facilitation, etc align with the objectives you've outlined for your convening and how you might tweak things for an even more dynamic, participatory, and impactful experience. 


Capacity Boost : Experience Design Principles Coaching

Whether you're designing your first event or your fiftieth, we're here to help. We can use this coaching time for a crash course in the process of experience design, a grounding in the latest learnings around adult pedagogy & engagement, specific problem-solving around a unique challenge or opportunity, or a boost of fresh ideas, tips and tricks.  


Full Support : Hands-on Co-Design

We also love working side-by-side with teams to co-create an event from start to finish. The co-design experience includes loads of templates and guides we've developed over the years, plus step-by-step support as you build your convening. We'll define outcomes, develop a strategy to get the 'right' people in the room, choose & train facilitators, and design an agenda that will include everything you need to execute flawlessly (and flexibly ;) on the vision we've created together.


Our standard and premium training products support organizations with event experience design and facilitation of impact-focused convenings. We offer stand-alone trainings and ongoing coaching for boards, organizational leadership, and staff for a range of convenings, including conferences, networking events, grantee meetings, and board retreats. We also connect you with facilitation partners if you need an on-site facilitator.

Experience Design

We train staff on fundamental event design principles to design an effective event experience that meets your goals. 




  • 3 Hours
  • Basic Materials & Templates
  • 3 Weekly 1-hour Coaching Sessions
  • Cost: $3,000


  • 5 Hours
  • Expanded Materials & Templates
  • 15 Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Cost: $10,000


We train your staff on facilitation best practices so that they are prepared to lead effective convenings for your organization.




  • 2 Hours
  • Basic Materials & Templates
  • 2 1-Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Cost: $2,500


  • 3 Hours
  • Expanded Materials & Templates
  • 10 1-Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Cost: $7,500

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