Impact Accelerator [ak-sel-uh-rey-ter] – A structured program designed to support impact entrepreneurs in launching and scaling social enterprises.

Accelerating the Accelerators (AtA) is a network dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of impact accelerators, incubators, fellowships, and business plan competitions.

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The Impact Accelerator Network Map is a public resource designed to help social entrepreneurs and impact accelerators more easily navigate the rapidly expanding ecosystem of support organizations. Developed in collaboration with more than 10 organizations—and distributed by a network of partners who provide the tool as a free resource to their community—the Impact Accelerator Network Map provides the most comprehensive listing of impact-focused accelerators, incubators, business plan competitions, and fellowship programs in the world.

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The first videos of our masterclass series are now available to view. As part of the Frontier Incubators workshop, our Program Partners delivered a series of masterclasses on topics relating to incubation and acceleration. These sessions were recorded and will be shared publicly over the next few months.

Our first topic, Incubator Program Design, looks at both ends of the incubation process – how to select your cohort in the first place, and how to go about ending your program so that everybody benefits.

The Masterclass Videos & Seminar Dates

Mar 20 – Program Design: Selecting Cohorts and Ending Programs

Apr 17 – Program Design2: Delivering on the Dream: Moving From Good Intentions to Reliable Outcomes in Your Accelerator Design

May 15 – Gender and Power: How Power, Privilege and Bias Influence Our Work

Jun 19 – Financial Sustainability: Business Models for Incubators and Accelerators

Jul 17 – Impact Assessment Part 1: Measuring Your Program’s Impact: Monitoring, Measuring, Documentation, Evaluation, and Reporting

Aug 21 – Impact Assessment Part 2: Supporting Your Ventures to Measure Their Impact

Sep 18 – Building Strong Teams Part 1: Building and Managing a Strong Team

Nov 6 – Building Strong Teams Part 2: How to Reduce the Disruption of Team Turnover

Nov 27 – Building Strong Teams Part 3: Recruiting, Selecting, and Training Mentors

Dec 18 – Incubator Program Design: How to End? Pitch Events, Graduation, and Dragon’s Den

Each month we will be promoting one of the masterclasses developed by the Frontier Incubators program thanks to the generous support of DFAT and the innovationXchange program.

Starting on March 20th and on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12PM Pacific through September we’ll host a seminar discussion for you to connect with peers and discuss how to apply these best practices to your local context.



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