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Virtual Convening Certification: Strategy, Facilitation, Design & Implementation

Gain an understanding of our "purpose-first" convening framework so that you can keep your impact and objective as a guide in determining the right virtual strategy in our June cohort.


Creating Trust Connections

Member Call on Thurs, July 16 - Sharing best practices and lessons learned on creating community in a virtual context.


Pricing Strategies for Virtual Convenings

Tues, June 30th - Interactive discussion about approaches to registration pricing for virtual convenings.


We build powerful communities of practice for mission-driven leaders to connect, learn, and collaborate with each other. The industry resources we develop break down organizational silos and unlock the collective potential of the Impact Ecosystem.

Convening the Conveners (CtC) is a membership program for organizations that use the powerful tool of convening to advance positive change.

Accelerating the Accelerators (AtA) is a network dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of impact accelerators, incubators, fellowships, and business plan competitions.

CONVENERS.ORG MEMBERSHIP membership connects you to a community of trusted peers and dedicated industry leaders who use the powerful tool of convening to advance positive change. Become a member and gain access to unique benefits.


Global Events Calendar

We do everything we can to make life easier for our Conveners. Hosting a calendar that automatically distributes your event details to a dozen ecosystem partner sites around the web is one of those things.

Discounts to Member Convenings makes it easy to tap into professional discounts from those peers, along with top service providers, and reciprocate in turn.

Conveners' Playbook

Here, you’ll find dozens of tied and true facilitation techniques + session formats, plus best practices and lessons learned on everything from the physical layout of break space to multi-generation engagement.

Member Directory

It may sound simple, but contact information for all your convening peers--and all the speakers they’ve loved (and haven’t) collected in one place is no small resource.

Monthly Member Calls

This is a space for you to share triumphs, get advice, and learn from peers who know just where you’re coming from.

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We know, we know. Another newsletter. But give this one a chance and we guarantee you’ll find something valuable in every action-oriented edition


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